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God Needed An Angel In Heaven

When Jesus lived upon the Earth
So many years ago,
He called the children close to Him
Because He loved them so.

And with that tenderness of old,
That same, sweet, gentle way,
He holds your little loved one close
Within His arms today.

And you'll find comfort in your faith
That in His home above,
The God of little children
Gives your little one His love.

Helen Steiner Rice


I made this page as an introduction to five pages that are a memorial to my five grandchildren lost to miscarriage. I wrote these pages using the words of my daughter-in-law and son, as they are the ones that have gone through these losses.

We hope that these pages will be a help and comfort to those who have had miscarriages or other pregnancy losses. However, if you are feeling sensitive and feel you might be upset to read these stories, please don't go any further. While the stories are not graphic, they do detail the experiences Mike and Sandy have had.


If you need help or someone to talk to about your grief, we understand and would like to do anything we can. I'm putting their email address on the first page of the memorial pages, if you would like to talk to them or my email is on the main page of this site. Please feel free to contact any or all of us.

Thank you for reading this and visiting this site. If you do continue on to the memorials , we hope you will get something out of your visit that will be of help to you. That you will find comfort and support during your visit is our prayer.
God bless you.



Just a little note from me, the Granny. I know that there are grandparents out there that feel the loss of their grandbabies too. I know that I sure did. Each of those five times when my son had to call and tell me that they had lost another baby, it was hard on me as well. Since he lived in a different town than I did, I could hide most of what I felt from them. I wanted those little ones too, just like their parents did. I long for the day when I get to hold them in Heaven and see what they look like. I just want to thank God for the two healthy grandbabies He has blessed us with and that are such joys for us today. These pages are not just a memorial to the lost ones but praise for the living ones.

Thank you for coming. Please sign the guestbook and us know what you think about these pages we've written, good or bad.


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