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Feb. 14, 2001

I'm making this page for my husband, for our twenty fourth Valentines day. His name is Irv. He's a very special person to me and to the children and grandchildren. I want him to know, how much I love him.
Twenty four yrs ago, I was a divorced mother of two, working in a awful job in a chicken plant that I hated. I had to go to work to support my children after my husband walked out. I worked hard so my children wouldn't lack for anything. They were 10 and 13 at the time. I was 33. Life was real hard then. I worked and spent the rest of the time with my kids.This was the way it was for two years.

I thought I didn't want another husband ever but God had other ideas. One day, a old lady friend of mine called and said Patty, I have someone I want you to meet. I said no, I don't want to meet anyone. She didn't take no for a answer and in a little bit she drove up and came to my door with Irv in tow. This was on January 1, 1977. I didn't know what to do but let them in and he was a really nice guy but I wasn't interested. He called me that night and the next day and we talked a long time and I really began to see what a great guy he was. In the next couple of weeks , he literally swept me off my feet, I guess thats what it's called .
On January 21, 1977 we were married at my mothers house. She thought I had lost my mind but I just knew that he was the one. I can't explain how I knew but I had prayed about it and had a peace and I just knew that God had sent him. I didn't know a thing about him, had never met his family, nothing. I just knew that he was a wonderful guy and I loved him . That was 24 yrs ago, so I guess I was right. I walked out of that plant and stayed home to raise my kids. Irv made us a good living.

Irv has been the best ,through all the hard times and good times. I can always count on him . My children have always had him by their side since they were twelve and fifteen years old. The grandchildren love him and he's always there for them. Now the children are thirty-six and thirty nine and the grandchildren are two, eight and nine.
He's a stronger person that I am and he picks me up when I'm down and helps me make it through whatever the problems.
Fifteen yrs ago, he started having awful headaches and and has been on disability for nine years. You can read about that here but he's been stronger than anyone could be . He's fought a hard battle with these headaches . It hurts me so much to see him crying and rubbing the skin off his forehead in pain. No one can help him and we have no idea what will happen but he just keeps on keeping on and hanging in there. He takes his pain medicine and is still there for anyone that needs him to be.

I hope we will be together for many more years, I don't know what I would do with out him. He never fails to say I love you everyday. In fact, many times each day .He always gives me a hug and kiss. He tells me he likes to look at me and that I"m pretty. He even told me the other day that I looked better now than I did 20 years ago. Now , I know thats a white lie but it's nice to hear anyway. He will buy me a flower for no occasion but that he loves me. He always lets me out at the door to the stores and then goes and parks the car. If we do park the car he will open my door for me , if I will sit there. He's a real gentleman and they just don't make those anymore. He's a one of a kind guy . He helps me out around the house, does the washing, etc. . He loves me a lot more than I deserve.
So , Irv on this our 24th Valentines Day, I want you to know,
I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. Happy Valentines Day,
Love, Patty

Thank You

For Loving Me The Way Nobody Else Could.
For Times We've Shared
For Memories We've Had
For Accepting Me The Way I Am
For Listening When You Didn't Understand Or Agree
For Forgiveness
For Your Never-Ending Love
For Making Me Feel Special
For Your Sacrifice
For Knowing When To Speak and When Not Too
For Your Loyalty

I Love You

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